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this exists, so i decided to also post my deep and profound re-imaginings of the greek pantheon in the modern age

  • apollo turning women into lampposts when they reject his unwanted sexual advances, trees are so 5th century bc
  • poseidon chilling in the bermuda triangle surrounded by downed planes
  • aphrodite scrolling through ace blogs to find out who to curse with a horrible violent death next
  • ares carving the nuclear codes into mt rushmore using some machinery he stole while beating up hephaestus
  • hermes convinces some dude to leak artemis’ nude snapchats and artemis rips the dude apart and murders his entire family and reduces his apartment building to rubble forever
  • hera creatively cursing every girl who follows zeus on instagram. oh your username’s stylinson4eva? now you’ve got immortality without eternal youth and the only words that will ever come out of your increasingly wrinkled and pain-filled mouth are “fuck management”
  • zeus presumably is still just a shapeshifting serial rapist, i dunno man
  • dionysus forcing a gram of coke on you in the club toilets and then making you eat raw all the roadkill you create as you drunk-drive home
  • gods that aren’t bizarrely defanged and completely misinterpreted as, like, not being total assholes

have some selfies cause my shirt is hella gay and the lighting’s really good in my aunt’s room

(also my hair is v.long now ew.)

and so is the person who made this fanmix // listen // image credit

crazy town - butterfly, lady sovereign - drunk on radiation, fountains of wayne - stacy’s mom, studio killers - all men are pigs, verbalicious - queen of the jungle, lady sovereign - love me or hate me, nelly furtado - maneater, britney spears - radar

Britain is sending my bisexual son to his death, says mother



[Leeds UK]: Earlier today (25 July), Edwards was detained after a routine sign-in at Water Side Court in Leeds, north-east England.

His family say he was given no warning and no indication to him or his family that he would be detained.

Orashia Edwards who is bisexual lost his asylum case earlier this month and is now threatened with immediate deportation to Jamaica West Indies… His family say Edwards was suicidal after losing the legal case, and his mental health has worsened considerably over the past few weeks. ‘They’re refusing to tell me where my son is. Something has changed. I am very, very terrified,’ a tearful Brown told GSN on the phone. 

After he lost his legal battle, he said he would ‘prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight to die. I have nowhere to go’.

Leeds for Change, an organization campaigning on behalf of LGBTI asylum seekers, successfully got a flight cancelled that was meant to deport Edwards last January.  The group alleges the Home Office decision behind who is granted asylum have been prejudiced.

Some activists also say the Home Office finds it difficult to grant bisexual people asylum, saying there is an attitude that they could ‘pass’ in their home country.

  • No Borders Leeds - Orashia was detained again for the 3rd time this morning as he went to sign on in Waterside. His most recent appeal was denied yesterday yet nobody was informed until today, again leaving little or no time for Orashia, his family or his legal team time to prepare. Please help inform others and pass on this latest news. Thank you
  • Petitioning Teresa May, Home Secretary; Ed Miliband, Labour Party; Nick Clegg, Lib Dems Don’t Deport Orashia SIGN PETITION HERE
  • The Home Office are really feeling pressure from support & publicity around Orashia’s campaign. Please keep the pressure on. Write to your MP using this template letter and send it to your MP here. More contact details on this page.
  • Please donate to his legal fund here. Orashia’s family are working every hour possible to raise funds which have already cost over £2000 so far. All of Orashia’s legal team are working pro bono :) so the costs are just covering his court fees.

Thank you so much for all the support so far

Please reblog and consider donating to my friends legal fees

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The Faerie Queene - 2013 - Photoshop
See it on Deviant Art!

…Unlike some fairy folk, she is not young and lithe, a wisp of a spirit passing through the ether… but, on the contrary, she is shrewd, powerful, and kind, possessing a grace and elegance that never fades… and she has far more interesting stories to tell, if you care to listen.

I’ve been working on this digital painting for the past couple of weeks. I thought it might be time to share it with the world. I hope you like! 

Edit: Thank you for all the faves and reblogs! When I originally posted this image, I had no idea how popular it would become. (Most of my blogs do not receive much attention.) This image was something of a personal exercise, and there were still details I was hammering out. My apologies! For the most recent iteration: See it on Deviant Art!

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I really can’t fuck with anti-religious queer activism because it creates false equivalences and comparisons, it ignores the fact that religious queer people exist and devalues their experiences, and a lot of anti-religious queer activism is based on interpretation of Christian texts which often throws Muslim and Jewish queer people under the bus. 

This post has been circulating, and while people seem to both agree and disagree, they have provided some insightful commentary which I will not reiterate but instead provide some of my own extra commentary.

1) It excuses racism from white atheist/agnostic/non-religious queer people in the excuse of fighting queerphobia.

2) A queer movement that is anti-religious is not inclusive. 

3) Anti-religious queer activism does nothing but further help promote racist and homophobic/transphobic narratives by ignoring religion’s diverse and vast history, including sexual and gender history. (Also x)

4) Non-Abrahamic religions/spiritualities have a long history of recognising the fluidity of sexuality and gender. (also x)


theres a reason the luteces were scarce in rapture

Notting Hill, London

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If you’re ever in britain, when you walk the dog it’s called “Dogging” 

So if you’re going to walk your dog be sure to ask all of your british friends if they’d like to come dogging with you!

Make sure to invite everyone out dogging when you come here!

*squints suspiciously*


Photographed by Paul Wetherell for Another Magazine S/S 2013